Bad Credit Personal Loans: Both Sides of the Story

Bad Credit Personal Loans: Both Sides of the Story

admin March 29, 2020

If we have to trust peoples’ exaggerations, bad credit loan lenders are either magnificent philanthropies or greedy and abusive burgesses. But the truth about bad credit loans and bad credit loan lenders is different. As with all in the financial industry, bad credit loans are nothing but business. And though some lenders may come close to the above descriptions, most of them are neither philanthropies nor greedy green monsters who take money from people in desperate situations.

Bad Credit Loans: The Lender Story

When a lender is facing a loan request from someone with bad credit he sees exactly that: Someone who, in the past, has failed to honor his debts on time, who has borrowed too much money or who has even defaulted or gone through a bankruptcy. What he sees and what he can trust to be true is the information contained in the credit report.

So it doesn’t really matter if the borrower had to face unexpected circumstances than no one could predict or if there is someone else to blame for the bad credit tag. bad credit loans guaranteed approval Unless the credit report shows that, the lender has no way of knowing for sure and though unfair as it may sound, the lending business is not a matter of trust, it is a matter of risk.

A bad credit score screams “risk” and the lender takes note of that. A lender doesn’t make money with a single loan, in order for his business to work he has to lend to many people. Statistically speaking, bad credit applicants miss payments and pay late more often. Thus, the higher interest rate charged for bad credit loans compensates for the possibility of a certain amount of bad credit loans to be non recoverable. You may think that this is unfair and there is no reason for you to bear the burden of other people’s credit behavior but this is the only way a lender can offer bad credit loans or any other kind of loan.

Bad Credit Loans: The Borrower Story

On the other side of the loan, the applicant is in need of funds, something unexpected happened and money is needed but credit is not widely available due to some past financial mistakes. He knows he won’t make the same mistakes any more and wishes that lenders would trust this claim to be true.

If you are a borrower, what you need to understand is that the only way of showing this claim to a lender is to have an impeccable recent credit history. Even if the past mistakes are still in your credit report, the last six months of your credit history must be clean of late payments and missed payments. Otherwise the lender will consider you even a higher risk.

For a borrower, facing a bad credit loan implies higher interest rates, lower loan amounts and non flexible repayment programs. The terms of the loan are not advantageous but as a bad credit borrower there are not many options available out there to choose from.

However, if the borrower uses the funds wisely and pays on time the monthly installments, this will be recorded into his credit report raising the borrower’s credit score and thus, making available financial sources with better loan terms.  are sometimes the only solution to a bad credit situation. The benefits that can be obtained from a bad credit personal loan in terms of funds and credit score improvement compensate the drawbacks. If you consider that and the risk that the lender is taking, the higher interest rate is justified.